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Dyson upright vacuums

Powerful constant suction for all-round cleaning.

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Root cyclone technology

No bag. No loss of suction.

Some ordinary vacuum cleaners have bags and filters that can clog and restrict airflow. Dyson vacuums all use patented cyclone technology. Powerful centrifugal forces spin dust and dirt out of the air and straight into the bin.

In the latest Dyson Ball™ vacuums, the technology has been refined to maximise suction power and capture even more dust and dirt.

Ball™ technology

Vacuums with fixed wheels can be awkward to steer. Dyson Ball™ vacuums turn on the spot - moving easily around obstacles and furniture. Key components, including the motor, are located inside the ball itself, for a low centre of gravity and stability.

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Cleaner head image

Engineered floor tools

Dyson engineers put as much thought into developing Dyson cleaner heads and floor tools as they do Dyson vacuums. A poorly designed tool can waste suction, fail to pick up dust and dirt and cause the overall cleaning performance of the machine to drop. The latest Dyson Ball™ upright vacuums have an active base plate that self-adjusts automatically for optimum contact with all floor types. There are no fiddly dials, so there's no need to bend down to make adjustments when moving between rooms.