Dyson Corrale™ Straightener (Purple/Black)
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Dyson Corrale™ Straightener (Purple/Black)

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Dyson Corrale™ straightener (Purple/Black)

Enhanced styling.

Less hair damage1. Cord-free.

Engineered to create a range of styles.

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Styling guides

The Dyson Corrale™ straightener can create a variety of different styles – from curls and waves, to smooth and sleek.
See how it can help you to get the look you want.

  • True curls

    Create voluminous, bouncy curls that move freely.

  • C curls

    Create smooth hair with gentle bends and movement at the ends.

  • Beach waves

    Create textured waves for a tousled look.

  • Smooth and sleek

    Hints and tips for turning any hair type into refined, smooth hair.

Dyson Corrale™ Straightener (Purple/Black)

Overall rating
4.7% of 5
4.7% of 5
Reviewed on 2/11/2020

Corrale My Hair Anytime!

Tammy Lim

I love my Dyson Supersonic so naturally, when Corrale was launched, I was excited to own one and add it to my haircare collection.

First, I'm a minimalist person who ...
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lives in a tiny apartment 500sqft. I do not like mess, nor clutter so Corrale being cordless really perked my interest! I didn't get the Airwrap because hey, I have the Supersonic so curling my hair wasn't on my list. Corrale on the other hand was something I could use to tame my unruly frizzy hair hence here I am.

When I unbox the Corrale, set it up, (all without reading a manual) I knew this was heaven when the charging sound beep expensively (yes there's cheap beeps). After a full charge, I turn on the device and the OLED screen came alive. It has 3 temperature setting (ah simplicity!) !

I tested the lowest temp and ran the Corrale through my hair in one swift motion. MY HAIR WAS STRAIGHTENED! I practically finish straightening my hair in a minute on just half of my head. Comparing with my past experience using other straighteners I could come to the conclusion 2 distinct differences:

1. Heat & Safety Regular Straightener does not have temperature control. It's one way or the highway. Sometimes the heat can emit a burning scent, or gets too hot that you feel afraid to continue using for fear it may burn or explode, or hurt you.

2. Speed & Convenience Corrale finishes the job in a matter of seconds to minutes only without damaging your hair with extreme heat nor hurting you in the process. There's no cord to irritate you as well while you style your hair. While the cordless impressed me, it was the ease of use that blew my mind away.

I could only sum this up in the temperature control and the flexing manganese copper alloy plates that even without extreme heat, one can straighten your hair right away in a jiffy! Seriously, with long-term use, this will be less damaging to your hair as compared. Maybe an investment to consider and with Dyson, you probably can use it for a very long time.

In short, I can't deny that Dyson is on another level of extreme for those who appreciate functionality, convenience, and style.

For the price you're paying, it will not be anywhere near your conventional standard hair straightener in the market. The question is, is it worth it? P.S: I love the stylish charging stand and the velvety travel pouch! Next, I am saving up for the dream vacuum.

In the box

Dyson Corrale™ Straightener (Purple/Black)
  • Charging dock
  • Heat-resistant travel pouch
  • Magnetic 360° charging cable

All features

  • Close up of the OLED screen

    OLED screen

    Displays battery level, temperature control and charging status during use.

  • Creates a range of styles

    Creates a range of styles

    The curved outer body is engineered to support curl structure, helping you create curves and waves – as well as sleep, straight styles.

  • Close up of the temperature display

    Suitable for all hair types

    Three precise heat settings (165°C, 185°C and 210°C) to suit your hair type, length and desired style.

  • Close up of the magnetic cable

    Up to 30 minutes cordless styling2

    Delivers the thermal performance of a corded straightener. Fully recharges in just 70 minutes.

  • Close up of the cable inserted for styling

    Style corded, for longer run time

    To maximise styling time, start with your straightener fully charged and style with the cord.

  • Close up of the safety lock

    Auto shut-off and Safety lock

    Switches off after 10 minutes of inactivity for added peace of mind. Safety lock for immediate storage after use.

  • Close up of the Flight-ready tag

    Ready to travel

    Universal voltage and a Flight-ready feature let you travel abroad with your straightener.3

  • Flexing plates for half the damage1

    By gathering hair, flexing plates enable shiny, straight results with less heat. For 50% less breakage1, less frizz and fewer flyaways.4

  • Tech image of intelligent microprocessors

    Intelligent heat control

    Integrated sensor system regulates the temperature of the plates 100 times a second, ensuring constant power so heat never exceeds your chosen setting.

  • Tech image of battery pack

    4-cell lithium-ion battery

    Drawn from Dyson's cord-free vacuum technology, it delivers the thermal performance of a corded straightener.


  • Cord length 4.34m
  • Height 45mm
  • Length 292mm
  • Width 41mm
  • Temperature settings 165°C, 185°C, 210°C
  • Power 200W
  • Weight 0.561kg
  • Warranty 2 years

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Complimentary gifts
4.7% of 5
  • Enhanced styling. Less hair damage1. Cord-free.
  • Engineered to create a range of styles.
  • Complimentary Dyson-designed Paddle brush and Detangling comb (Worth: RM318). Till 30 Sept only.


CIMB Exclusives
4.7% of 5
  • Enhanced styling. Less hair damage1. Cord-free.
  • Engineered to create a range of styles.
  • CIMB cardholders: Use code "DYSONCIMB300" to enjoy RM300 off. Till 30 Sept only.


Exclusive on direct
  • Enhanced styling. Less hair damage1. Cord-free.
  • Engineered to create a range of styles.

1 Thermal damage measured by hair strength, when creating an equivalent hair style. Tested on flexing plates vs solid plates.

2 Exact run time depends on your hair and styling habits.

3 Stricter regulations in Japan mean you will not be able to fly in or out of any Japanese airports with your straightener.

4 Direct image analysis vs untreated hair.