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Dyson V11™ Click-In Battery

Dyson V11™ Click-In Battery
Dyson V11™ Click-In Battery
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Dyson V11™ Click-In Battery

Part number: 970938-01

Replacement or additional click-in battery for your Dyson cordless vacuum.

Compatible with:
Dyson V11™ Absolute+ Vacuum
Dyson V11™ Fluffy Vacuum
Dyson V11™ Absolute+ (Nickel/blue)
Dyson V15 Detect Absolute HEPA
Dyson V15 Detect Absolute

Selecting your battery

Please be aware Dyson V11™ vacuum cleaners use two types of battery. Some use a click-in battery, while others use a screw-in battery.

It’s important to understand which battery your Dyson V11™ vacuum requires. You will be able to tell by checking your machine where the handle meets the battery. If there is a large red button that releases your battery then your machine will need the click-in battery, if this isn’t the case then please choose the screw-in battery.

Dyson V11 Screw in battery

How to change your Dyson V11™ vacuum click-in additional or replacement battery

Learn how to replace your V11 click-in battery