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Chapter Three

Sea Truck

The Rotork Sea Truck out on the water
  • Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh disembarking their Sea Truck

    The Queen

    Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II and His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh disembarking their Sea Truck. It was royal blue and had its own red carpet. The Duke was heavily involved in its purchase.

  • A Sea Truck powering through the water in Norwegian seas

    Sea Truck

    In action in the early 1970s in Norway with our Norwegian distributor driving.

  • The Sea Truck and Deidre Dyson


    Deirdre on board a Sea Truck in Hydra. A six month old Emily also on board.

  • A scale model of the Tube Boat being tested in a reservoir near the Basses Alpes

    Tube Boat

    The idea for another came to me when I saw gas pipes along the road in France. Lashing a number of tubes together meant that if one was damaged, it could simply be replaced, rather than having to repair the entire hull. The Tube Boat was born. In this photo, I'm testing a scale model in a reservoir near the Basses Alpes. It was pulled along the water by a motorised drum.

  • The rear-view out of a Sea Truck, overlooking blue seas

    Still going

    I still use a Sea Truck today.

  • James Dyson disembarking from his Sea Truck

    Disembarking a Sea Truck

    My Sea Truck in action.